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NVIDIA to Launch Tegra based Netbook

nvidia-tegraNVIDIA are launching a netbook that will support the new Tegra chip. The Tegra chip so far has only been used in a Zune HD player, so making a move to a netbook will be an interesting step.

The Tegra chip is basically an all-in-one chip that integrates CPU, GPU, northbridge and southbridge on to the 1 chip as well as primary memory functionality. This integration supports a 720p resolution which provides HD video for the netbook. [Read more…]

BodyTrace Weighing Scales – Share your Weight with the World

The BodyTrace weighing scales are probably the first wireless scales in the world to be created. The purpose of the wireless connectivity is to allow them to connect to the web and share your weight with the world. [Read more…]

Win an MP4 Player – Gadget Venue Competition Closing Today

sandisk-sansa-viewJust a reminder of the competition that we have going here at gadgetvenue to win a SanDisk Sansa View 16GB MP4 Player. The competition ends at 7PM GMT today so make sure you get your entries in before that time.

SanDisk Sansa View is a 16GB flash based MP4 player. It measures 4.29 x 1.95 x 0.41-inches and weighs 2.9 oz…

[Read more…]

iPhone 3G S Exploited – Jailbreak Coming Soon

iphone-3gsLess then a week after the iPhone 3G S launch we have heard that the phone has now been exploited. This means that the phone will be able to be jailbreaked and unlocked in the very near future.

The 24Kpwn exploit used on the iPod Touch 2G is still in the bootrom of the iPhone 3G S which means the same technique can be used to jailbreak the 3G S as well as unlock it. [Read more…]

Mvix Tiny Wireless N Adapter

mvix_nubbin_tiny_wireless_n_adapterWireless networks are getting faster. It began with Wireless A which clocked up maximum speeds of about 54Mbps. Following A was B which gave a boost to range from 100 – 150 feet but in doing that the speed dropped to 11Mbps. Wireless G was next which basically mixed the best of A and B together to make a 150 feet range at 54Mbps. The next is Wireless N which boosts the speed by a fair bit up to 150Mbps with a range of 230 feet.

Wireless N routers have been available for a while now. A problem happens though in that most people have older laptops that still use b/g speeds and therefore, you waste a lot of speed. This is where the Mvix wireless N adapter comes in to play. [Read more…]

Netbook Friendly USB DVD Player

netbook-usb-dvd-playerLogitec have launched the LDV-P8U2L which is an 8x DVD and 24x CD player that connects to your laptops or netbooks USB port.

It comes in 3 colours of silver, black or red and is powered fully by the USB port on the device it connects to.

From what the translation seems to say, it is indicated that you can actually boot from this USB DVD drive which makes using it on a netbook very handy for the times you need to do an OS reload. [Read more…]

HTC Hero – Android with Flash

The HTC Hero is an Android based phone (the 3rd one from HTC) and is the first that supports flash. It has the same familiar trackball that the G1 has and is shaped very similar to the G1. It has a 480 x 320 pixel screen measuring 3.2 inches in a HVGA format. [Read more…]

Credit Card Sized USB Flash Drive

This handy USB flash drive has the form factor of a credit card allowing it to be stored in your wallet when not in use. [Read more…]

Shake Control

The Shake Control is a gadget that aims to be environmentally friendly. You use the shake control to control your TV set just like an ordinary remote control. The main difference is that you don’t need batteries for this controller. [Read more…]

JamVOX Guitar Trainer

jamvox_guitar_trainerJamVOX is a device which you hook up to your computer that allows you to play away to dozens of amp effects that have been created over the years.

It uses XTracktion (GXT) technology to remove guitar parts from your favourite songs and then allows you to take the lead of that song. The sounds can be extracted, isolated and then slowed down to let you play along and practice various parts of songs. [Read more…]

20% Off at Firebox – Ends Today

If you want 20% off at Firebox (UK only, not US… sorry folks)… for some latest gadgets then get yourself over to today and enter AWESOME at the checkout to qualify. [Read more…]

Chainsaw Pizza Cutter

chainsaw-pizza-cutterThis Pizza Cutter could be one of the ultimate kitchen gadgets for you to own. It’s not just an ordinary pizza cutter because it’s shaped to be a chainsaw pizza cutter to make lethal and quick cuts to your food.

The cutter should successfully cut through anything you throw at it including more cheese, plenty of meat and a nice thick pizza base. [Read more…]