Samsung 850 PAVV Plasma only 29mm thick

samsung_hd_850_pav_plasma_hdtvSamsung have revealed their latest plasma screen that measures just 29mm in thickness. This fancy looking HDTV is named the 850 PAVV and is capable of full 1080p playback. Other features on this TV include DivX support as well as a USB 2.0 port.

Samsung have put a lot of work in to this TV. The TV is 40% more efficient in power then the previous versions and also is 20% lighter at a weight of 26kg. Packed inside the TV is Samsung’s Full HD Crystal Engine as well as DLNA support and 240Hz refresh rates.

A larger 58 inch version is also being made available also the depth and other specs are unknown at the moment.

Of course you could just go for a portable digital tv that isn’t big in size either… although it might not quite look right on your wall.

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