Polaroid Two Coming to the UK

The Two is an instant digital camera built by Polaroid. It finally has a release date in the UK set for the 11th May and will be available at Firebox when launched.

The new Polaroid Two camera is a mixture of the old Polaroid camera and newer digital technology. The camera side of the unit has a 5 megapixel sensor which captures the pictures. When you are happy with the picture you have taken you can send it to a miniature built in printer that prints on to 2 x 3 inch Zinc photo paper. The paper also is sticky back. You also have the option with the Two to go from snapping the picture direct to the printer. This process takes about 40 seconds to complete. However, if you go for the digital method you then have the option of cropping and performing basic edits on the 3″ display before hand. The Two has 4x digital zoom built in and has an SD memory card slot allowing for a bit of expansion. Images can be transferred by the USB port hooked up to your PC.

The Two can capture and print about 15 shots on a single charge which isn’t the greatest but not too bad. The special Zinc paper will set you back £7.95 for 30 sheets or for 70 sheets you can pay £17.95.

Available for pre-order now at Firebox (£229.95)

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