Future Geek Maternity T-Shirt

loading_maternity-t-shirtThinkGeek have revealed that a baby is 4.65 Terabytes in size and that on a T1 it takes about 40 weeks to download. This t-shirt shows that progress to the world.

Course, we didn’t figure in latency or protocol headers or jitter (Ed. note: never jitter the baby), so it could be a little longer. And if you get an early EOF, the NICU’s there for any recovery and whatnot that needs to be done. All joking aside, we wish you and your little one a happy and uneventful pregnancy, and your future geek all the best. And don’t sit your tiny wailing banshee next to us at the restaurant. thx.

These are maternity shirts, a 100% cotton combed ringspun jersey in black with the words Loading… Please Wait and a progress bar in white across the belly. See below for sizing details.

Available at ThinkGeek costing $22.99. The maternity t-shirt comes in several sizes. Check out the site for details.


  1. Matthew says

    @Kev – A different t-shirt for each month 🙂 Or maybe a display like the wi-fi t-shirt that just shows the progress on a small flexible screen. LOL

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