CompuLap Exeda – With Expansion Ports

exedaThe Exeda is built by CompuLab and is a fantastic looking device that supports Windows Mobile 6.1, Android, Windows CE 6 and Angstrom Linux.

The Exeda excels in the area of being able to be upgraded as it comes with an extension mechanism. Rather then being a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), the Exeda falls under the category of an EDA (Enterprise Digital Assistant), meaning it is designed for more then being a calender and phone. If ordered in volume, ie… many units, then it can be pre configured to match your exact needs. So, should you want an expansion board with wired ethernet built in (for some reason) then you order it that way with the operating system you want.

CompuLab Exeda Developer Features

* Open source u-boot bootloader
* Detailed hardware and software documentation
* Full BSP’s
* 10/100Base-T Ethernet port
* JTAG interface
* RS-232
* Unlocked SIM

A 3.5″ VGA screen (sun readable) can be found on the device. The screen is touchscreen and just below that can be found a full QWERTY keyboard that has 5 rows with the top row being numeric keys. One other feature I like about this device is the capacitive touchpad that can be found just below the screen also.

Exeda Features

* A choice of wireless voice/data modem quad band GSM/GPRS, CDMA or 3G UMTS
* 802.11g WLAN
* Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR
* 2 USB ports
* RS-232 port
* Marvell PXA270 520MB CPU
* 128MB RAM
* 2 banks of internal FLASH, 512MB each
* 2MP camera with flash
* GPS with built-in and external antennas
* MicroSD socket with SDHC support
* Built-in microphone and speaker + 3.5mm stereo jack
* High capacity 3000mAh battery

Exeda Extensions

* 100Base-T Ethernet through RJ45 connector
* SDIO socket
* JTAG header

With the Exeda being fully customisable it means that extension boards can be designed by a 3rd party increasing what it is capable of. Ideas could include warehouse work where barcode readers are attached as extensions.

The Exeda measures 4.9 x 3.7 x 0.6 (126 mm x 96 mm x 16 mm) and should be available in March.

Product Page Via: GearCrave

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