The Bolt from Logic Wireless

logic_boltLogic Wireless are claiming to have launched the first mobile phone with a projector built in. The phone is named the Bolt and has a pico style projector built in capable of throwing a 64″ screen on to a wall.

As well as sporting a pico projector the phone is a quad band GSM that also supports Bluetooth. To support the projector an 1800mAh battery has been included which is enough to power the projector for about 2 hours. A 3 megapixel camera is also built in and the screen is touch-screen running at a QVGA resolution.

As for the price… $600 off contract and if you opt for a contract then you should see deals around the $100 price range which is not bad at all considering what you get.

Via: PhoneArea


  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    Very nice for $100…good businessman companion with the projector feature.

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