Zumba – Voice Recognition Phone

zumbraThe Zumba is a “top secret” voice recognition phone that promises to have the best recognition in the world. It is built by I A technology and will change the way we communicate with people.

The system could not be demonstrated to the public but the BBC managed to get a glimpse of what it could look like. The Zumba system attaches to behind your ear and immediately connects to an online service where all your contacts details are stored. I guess you could refer to it as a cloud phone. You then simple give it verbal instructions which then sends messages to those who you request it to. It claims to be “The world’s first fully accurate voice recognition system for mobile phones”.

With the phone working on a cloud based system it means that if it’s stolen then your private data is still safe. All you then do is just get another Zumba and connect up and your good to go again with loosing no data.

Check out the video of this fantastic idea over at the BBC news site.

Via: Wired

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