Cheesy Valentines Geek T-Shirt

8-bit_dynamic_lifeWith valentines day being a few weeks ago it’s time to start mentioning a few gadgets designed for this day. The 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt has 6 hearts on the front that light up when you are close to someone else wearing the same t-shirt.

The idea is based around a video game in which you have a health meter. Traditionally in video games you have a health meter which gradually goes down when you get thumped, shot or hurt in the video game. The hearts on this t-shirt gradually go down as you go about the day and when you stand within a 5 meter proximity of another t-shirt the health meter jumps up to light up all 6 hearts.

To make use of this you will need to buy a couple of shirts, one for your self and the other for the one you love.

The t-shirts cost around $24.99 each and it is recommended you buy 2 of them and a transmitter pack so you can connect together.

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