Sony Ericsson Premier 3

sony-ericsson-premier-3Phone operator KDDi have announced that the Sony Ericsson Premier 3 will be coming to their network. The Premier 3 is a clamshell phone that uses clear audio technology from Sony.

sony-ericsson-premier3The Sony Ericsson Premier 3 has a unique hinge that allows the phone to be opened like a clamshell, but also flip open sideways to be used in landscape mode. In the phone you will find a 3 megapixel camera, media player, a screen that measures a nice 3″ with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels, bluetooth and GPS. 50MB of memory is built in and the phone supports Micro SD cards up to a 2GB capacity. Hopefully that 2GB limit is software restricted and can be bumped up soon.

The phone will be available in 3 colours of white, pink and gold and will cost $450 over in Japan when it is launched.

Via: NewLaunches


  1. where can you buy this phone in uk? how much is it in gb pounds?

  2. where can youu buy this phone in the uk ? and how much would it be in pounds … thankx ? wbs

  3. How much does the cell phone to send to Israel?

  4. Guys -FYI this phone is only for japan . It doesnt work anywer else .

    But the phone is awesome ! i have one except only 2 GB micro SD -__-

  5. how much is this phone in philippines ? pesos ? tnx .

  6. Can we use it in Myanmar CDMA network and how to unlock?

  7. how can I to order this phone? can we change the aplication to make it used in Indonesia? 🙂

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