Ray Gun Channel Changer

ray-gun-channel-changerIf you are a lover of Sci-Fi and the telly then this Ray Gun Channel Changer is the perfect gadget for you.

ray-gun-channel-changer-tvThe Ray Gun Channel Changer looks like it came right of a 50’s science fiction movie. It works simply by pointing it at the telly and then pulling the trigger. What this will do is either change the channel up or change it down depending on how you have the Ray Gun configured. To add the effect a fancy ray gun noise is made from that channel changer too.

The Ray Gun Channel changer is compatible with most TV’s and is powered by batteries. All it can do is one function though which you can set… so if you don’t want to do channel up or channel down then you could look in to having it change the volume for you.

The Ray Gun Channel Changer costs £9.95 and is available from Firebox in the UK and US.

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