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Sony HDR TG3 Camcorder

sony-hdr-tg3-camcorderThe Sony HDR TG3 camcorder can capture movies at a HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is very small (the worlds smallest currently) according to Sony and is capable of capturing the movie on to a Memory Stick Pro Duo card. [Read more…]

Toshiba to Launch 512GB SSD

toshiba-512gb-ssdToshiba have introduced a great 2.5″ SSD drive. It is the industry’s first 512GB SSD named the THNS512GG8B and it will be on display at CES in 2009 (which is about 2 weeks away). [Read more…]

The Astrolabe Watch

astrolabe_watch_closeupThis watch looks simply amazing. It is named the Astrolabe Watch and was designed after the original Astrolabe from many many years ago. The original Astrolabe was created back in 160BC and was used for something along the lines of calculating where stars and the sun is by using mathematics. This watch version is a slimmed down version of this device. [Read more…]

Electronic Luggage Scales

luggage-scalesCheap flights have been around quite a while now… but one problem that can sting you with these cheap flights is going slightly over on your luggage allowance. This set of Electronic Luggage Scales helps you to tackle that problem and still travel cheaply with out being stung. [Read more…]

Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses

solar-powered-sun-glassesSomething that many people carry around in the sun is a set of sunglasses. The standard glasses just protect your eyes from the bright rays so you can see more comfortably. This new concept idea aims to use the absorbed rays to power devices. [Read more…]

Random Presents – Mystery Box

random-presentsIf you are struggling to find a geeky present for a friend this year then Firebox have Mystery Box sets available. Rather then you having to decide for yourself, you just pay Firebox and they will randomly pick gadgets and wrap them up for you. [Read more…]

Hanging Alarm Clock

hanging-alarm-clockThe majority of alarm clocks just beep away and allow you to hit snooze and still sleep in. Over the last few years alarm clock makers have been getting more creative by creating loud explosions or by having the alarm clock run away. The Hanging Alarm Clock follows this pattern by running away from you “up towards the ceiling”. [Read more…]

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

star_wars_millenium_falconThe Millenium Falcon is one of the most popular ships from the Star Wars movies. ThinkGeek have a cool one available for sale that apparently is the best around. [Read more…]

Metal Gear Solid Touch Confirmed

metal_gear_solid_touchMetal Gear Solid will be released for the iPhone and iPod Touch Konami have confirmed. The new game will be an original title which will have 8 stages of game play. [Read more…]

Pocket Cinema V10

pocket-cinema-v10A while back we mentioned the Mint V10 pocket projector that was scheduled to be launched. The V10 pocket projector is now available to buy in the UK. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G Unlocked

3g-iphone-unlockedThe iPhone 3G has been unlocked. The iPhone Dev team are responsible for finding the unlock for the popular phone. [Read more…]

Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

fisherprice-kid-tough-digital-cameraFisher Price have gone a little more hitech recently with their Fisher Price DVD player, and now a Fisher Price kid-tough digital camera. With the camera being kid-tough it is built rugged and ready to go almost anywhere. [Read more…]