Toshiba to Launch 512GB SSD

toshiba-512gb-ssdToshiba have introduced a great 2.5″ SSD drive. It is the industry’s first 512GB SSD named the THNS512GG8B and it will be on display at CES in 2009 (which is about 2 weeks away).

This SSD is NAND-flash-based and has a huge amount of storage space available. It’s simply incredible that so much data can be stored on a solid state device.

“The solid state drive market is evolving rapidly, with higher performance drives to meet market requirements, and differentiated product families targeted for appropriate applications, said Mr. Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Vice President of Toshiba Corporation’s Semiconductor Company. “This new 43nm SSD family balances value/performance characteristics for its targeted consumer applications, through use of MLC NAND and an advanced controller architecture.”

Unfortunately there are no prices available just yet for this beast, but expect a launch early next year with a scary price tag. The good news with SSD’s though is that they are often dropping in price as even larger capacity versions become available.

Via: TechFresh and Akihabara

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