The Astrolabe Watch

astrolabe_watch_closeupThis watch looks simply amazing. It is named the Astrolabe Watch and was designed after the original Astrolabe from many many years ago. The original Astrolabe was created back in 160BC and was used for something along the lines of calculating where stars and the sun is by using mathematics. This watch version is a slimmed down version of this device.

astrolabe_watchDue to the small size of the Astrolabe watch, it doesn’t actually work accurately and is designed to demonstrate just the basic Astrolabe principles. You have to admit that it does look great though!

Direction, time, angles, and the position of the celestial bodies could all be calculated. When Prince Henry the Navigator established his seafaring fleet, he began using the Astrolabe to navigate the ships. For many years this gave the Portuguese the exclusive ability to navigate open waters, which the other countries could not do. When Sir Francis Drake raided ports along the South American coast he was forced to flee from the Spanish ships. Drake attached a Portuguese ship and took its navigator hostage to guide him on his round the world voyage, thus avoiding the Spanish Fleet.

Astrolable Watch Features

* The Astrolabe Watch is too small to be accurate and is designed to demonstrate the basic Astrolabe principals
* Leather band
* 3 ATM water resistant
* Stainless steel back
* Japan movement

The watch is available on ThinkGeek and costs $69.99.

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