Archives for December 2008

Transformer Torch

robot-flashlightThis robot like torch / flashlight is built just like a transformer. The transformer torch is capable of changing in to 3 different forms. [Read more…]

XBox 360 Car

xbox-360-mods-carIt seems like someone couldn’t stand the thought of being away from their XBox 360 while out and about and instead of leaving it at home, decided they would install it in their car. [Read more…]

Sony KDL46Z4500 200Hz 1080p LCD

sony-kdl46z4500The Sony KDL46Z4500 is a 46″ LCD screen that runs in full HD at 1080p. An exclusive technology was built in to this TV that allows for 200Hz refreshes making it a world first when the TV was launched a few months back. [Read more…]

Remote Starter with Keyless Entry

bulldog-remote-vehicle-starter-systemThis security system is quite cool in that it works as a keyless entry system for your vehicle. As well as keyless entry (which is standard on most cars), this system can also act as a Remote Starter. It is named the RS-1100 and has a large range of over 400 feet. [Read more…]

Prime Gaming Laptop Concept

primelaptopThe Prime Gaming Laptop is a concept idea which takes a 13″ laptop and ads a couple of extra OLED screens on the side giving it a total of a 26″ diagonal screen. [Read more…]

3D Star Atlas

staratlasThe 3D Star Atlas is an incredible looking device that helps you identify celestial objects from anywhere on the earth. Due to it being 3D and spherical in shape it makes it far easier to read then traditional 2D maps. [Read more…]

Pleo Robot Dinosaur Review

pleo-robot-dinosaur-reviewA couple of weeks ago, Pleo the robotic dinosaur arrived on our doorstep for review. As soon as Pleo was through the door it was time to quickly see what he was all about. [Read more…]

Multifunctional AV Media Player

multifunctionalavmediaplayerThe Multifunctional AV media player is a device that allows you to play audio and video through it. The AV player has an SD card reader that is compatible with SDHC and MMC cards also. Also a USB host is available to connect up USB flash drives and external harddrives. [Read more…]

Panasonic TX32LZD80 32 Inch LCD

panasoinic-tx32lzd80The Panasonic TX32LZD80 is a 32″ LCD display from the LZD80 range of screens. The screen is in a widescreen 16:9 format and has a large viewing angle of 178°. [Read more…]

End of Year Gadget Deals

Welcome back after a short Christmas Day break. Hopefully you all had a fantastic time yesterday and today. For those who have some Christmas money to spend it’s worth you checking out a few of the deals available as you can get some great discounts as of today. [Read more…]

iPhone Nano??

iphone-nanoMacWorld is coming up next month and as always, the rumours are starting to happen. The latest I came across mentioned the possibility of an iPhone Nano being launched. [Read more…]

Rubiks Cube Lamp

rubiks-cube-light-lampThis Lamp is a cool remake of the old Rubiks Cube. As you will probably be aware, the Rubiks cube often spent it’s time being a whole array of 6 muddled up colours (unless you were brainy and could solve it). This lamp uses that muddling ability to display unique light colours. [Read more…]