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Asus 12 Inch Bamboo Laptop Price Revealed

asus-bamboo-laptopThe Asus Bamboo Laptop has been mentioned before here. The sleek looking laptop is covered in bamboo making it look rather cool. The original was just a prototype, but gained enough interest for Asus to actually go ahead and make one. [Read more…]

NetGear Digital Entertainer Elite Network

netgearThe NetGear Digital Entertainer Elite Network is a device that is capable of decoding many types of HD type files. Recently it has been spotted at the FCC which means it could be launching very soon. [Read more…]

Wrap-Up Tripod

wrap-up-tripodSometimes a camera tripod is an essential device to have with you to capture the better photographs that require a steady hand. Unfortunately they are just too big to carry around for the regular holiday goers who carry a point and shoot camera. Luckily a neat new fold up tripod has been created that is small enough to fit in your pocket. [Read more…]

Cyber Monday Gadget Deals

With Christmas just being around the corner you can find a number of cracking deals on offer today. To make some good savings, check out the list below.

ThinkGeek – Use Code CYBERMONDAY for free shipping to continental USA on orders over $25.

Amazon have a bunch of deals for an “After black Friday Season”. Check them out here. Some savings of over 50% can be found here.

In the UK, Play have MegaMonday happening offering 75% discounts on some products… crazy.

If you are in the UK looking for Electrical items then check out Currys today who also have some savings.

If we spot any more details we will add them to this post, so feel free to bookmark it and check it out later on today.

3D Storage Standard for Blu-ray Proposed

bluray_discPanasonic has proposed that a new standard of storage to Blu-ray media is created. This new proposal, if accepted, will have all images stored on a blu-ray disk filed in a two-channel mode (left eye and right eye). This is proposed for all HD content. The new HDMI standard will make it easier to transfer the 3D images to compatible TVs. [Read more…]