XBox 360 Car

xbox-360-mods-carIt seems like someone couldn’t stand the thought of being away from their XBox 360 while out and about and instead of leaving it at home, decided they would install it in their car.

This almost cool looking setup was created by a gamer and I have to admit that it does actually look like a very good job although it’s not really to my taste. The XBox 360 has been embedded in to the dash while 1 controller rests in the steering wheel while the other sits comfortably infront of the gear shift. I also see some hint of green around the handbrake although it’s not clear if that’s XBox related or not.

Now, where is the screen to play this thing?

Via: Walyou


  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    Creative but a tad bit on the ugly side, frankly.

  2. Thats amazing! I don’t see a screen there, but it has got to be there somewhere. The white is a little grim, but I would love to see a simular thing with the black xbox. Would make a nice addition to a carputer.

    • screen might be in the visor!!

      • Brad Smith says

        the screen should be the windsheild! hahaha the future of DAMN realistice game play where you entire veiw is the game you’re playing. [cotion] (gameing in such a way for to long can cuase nightmares and an uncontrolable urge to raid the fridge at 4am)

  3. Brad Smith says

    i want to see the rest!

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