Rubiks Cube Lamp

rubiks-cube-light-lampThis Lamp is a cool remake of the old Rubiks Cube. As you will probably be aware, the Rubiks cube often spent it’s time being a whole array of 6 muddled up colours (unless you were brainy and could solve it). This lamp uses that muddling ability to display unique light colours.

rubiks-cube-light-lampThis Rubiks Cube Lamp is available in two versions. One is colour and the other, transparent. If you opt for the colour version then it closely matches the original cube in that you have 6 different colours that can be either correctly matched on each face, or muddled up. If you go for the transparent (colourless version) then it’s just a cube with the same whitish light being used.

rubiks-cube-light-lampUnfortunately there are not many more details that I can find just yet and it does seem to be either limited edition (if it was ever made).

Via: Walyou


  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    What’s with all the Rubik’s Cube things coming out now? Didn’t that fade out in the late 80’s?

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