Remote Starter with Keyless Entry

bulldog-remote-vehicle-starter-systemThis security system is quite cool in that it works as a keyless entry system for your vehicle. As well as keyless entry (which is standard on most cars), this system can also act as a Remote Starter. It is named the RS-1100 and has a large range of over 400 feet.

No additional relays are needed to get this thing going as it has relays supplied for all doors, lights and starting/stopping it. A number of nice features are built in that allow the car to automatically start when the temperature drops below a certain level.

With a dedicated “START” and “STOP” button there is no confusion on how to start or stop the vehicle, and it also features programmable run times of 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Additionally, the ability to program it for “cold starts” allows you to set a certain temperature to start the vehicle in cold weather from 400 feet away. The “pit stop” feature lets you to stop for coffee or the paper without turning off the vehicle, while protecting it from being stolen. Also includes an easy to follow do-it-yourself instructional DVD and 24/7 web site support.

Remote Starter with Keyless Entry Features

* Easy-to-install, and comes with a DVD instruction video
* Includes one 4-button remote transmitter
* Built-in relays for door locks, trunk release output, dome light output, parking light output
* Dedicated start/stop buttons, programmable runtime 5/10/15 minutes
* Programmable cold start, range up to 400 feet

Available from Amazon currently costing $69.99.

Via: GoPaulTech

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