iPhone Nano??

iphone-nanoMacWorld is coming up next month and as always, the rumours are starting to happen. The latest I came across mentioned the possibility of an iPhone Nano being launched.

The image above is supposed to be a spy shot of what it would look like. The screen shot does almost look real. Is this rumour true? We will find out next month when MacWorld happens 🙂

The iPhone Nano, if real, could potentially be quite cool. Obviously the screen would be smaller, hence a row of icons is missing. The main questions would be that of it being too small to use and would the screen be too small on a mini version? Other then that, it would be cool to see an iPhone Nano and an iPod Touch Nano being released.

Via: OhGizmo


  1. latest mobile phones says

    I did not think there was any possibility of apple doing any new mobile phones. I phone nano is not practical. hardly can I read from iphone. how is it possible to read from i phone nano.

  2. You can’t read from the iPhone? It might be worth you getting your eyes checked as the text is a decent size on the current iPhone.

  3. hola .
    yo tengo el telefono (iphone) me compro con 600euro

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