3D Star Atlas

staratlasThe 3D Star Atlas is an incredible looking device that helps you identify celestial objects from anywhere on the earth. Due to it being 3D and spherical in shape it makes it far easier to read then traditional 2D maps.

The sphere measures 16″ in diameter and it contains Earth in the middle that measures 5″ across. Around the earth is an adjustable horizon ring to help you calibrate it, while the sun can also be move in to the correct place by the way of a rotating arm. Stars are marked on to the sphere and once calibration is complete you then should have an accurate display of stars up above.

Stars are identified by name, Greek letter, brightness, and distance from Earth in light years. The star atlas is carefully crafted from hand-blown museum-quality acrylic that is painstakingly screen-printed by hand on the inside of the globe. Includes tabletop stand and a 48-page instruction book featuring constellation stories, deep sky objects, and more, written by noted astronomy expert and former editor of Sky and Telescope magazine, the late George Lovi. 16″ Diam. (6 lbs.)

The 3D Star Atlas is available from Hammacher.

Via: UberGizmo

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