Asus R710 GPS with HUD Technology

asus-r710There are many distractions such as mobile phones and GPS units which increase the risk of causing accidents while driving. Sat navs tend to help in some ways as it gives you specific directions rather then having to try look at a map when you get lost. But, it’s still another distraction on the windscreen of your car. Asus have created the R710 GPS unit which has a feature to help keep your eyes on the road.

The Asus R710 comes with a built in HUD display which projects directions on to the windscreen of your car right in front of your eyes. It is unclear how good this will compare to cars which have a similar feature built in but as long as it’s clear and doesn’t create more confusion then it could be a very handy device to have.

Bluetooth, microSD and media features are also available on this device which currently has no price or release date.

Via: GearCrave

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