Another new Eee PC to be Launched

eee-pc-701sdxAsus have been busy launching new versions of their Eee PC. In the last month I think we have mentioned three new models. Now, it’s time to mention a possible forth Eee PC that could be hitting the shelves soon. Instead of cramming everything in to the Eee, Asus have this time moved to the other side of the scale and focused on a super-budget version.

The super-budget version of the Eee PC is just rumour at the moment and there isn’t too much about it except the picture above which has appeared around the internet and some speculation. We know it’s called the Eee PC 701SDX and it is expected to sell for less then $300. A smaller display at 7 inches will be used to cut costs and it also appears that the webcam is missing too to help lower the price. As well as the smaller screen and no webcam, you can probably expect a lower spec processor and less memory (maybe a 4Gb to 8Gb HDD).

Asus should confirm this rumour in the next few days, so as soon as they do we will post the official specs here.

Via: SlashGear

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