Alaris30 3D Desktop Printer

alaris30A new 3D printer has been created by a company named Objet Geometries. The printer is named the Alaris30 and is capable of printing out detailed 3D models.


How does the Alaris30 3D Printer Work?

The Alaris30 uses Objet’s PolyJet Photopolymer Jetting technology which is responsible for creating the 3D printed objects. Each object is built up in extremely thin layers (just 28 microns thick) which tiny drops of plastic are printed to build up those layers.

What can the Alaris30 3D Printer be used for?

The Alaris30 printer can be used for various reasons such as printing prototype models of toys, shoes, cars, spare parts and the Alaris30 can even be used in the home to print objects such as parts that break for your own items.

I have high hoped for 3D printing as it could develop further from just the plastic that can be printed at the moment.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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