Touch Screen Eee PCs Coming Soon

eee-pcWe have mentioned Asus a few times over the last month or so. The first mention was a 3.75G mobile broadband connection built in to their new range of laptops. The next was a hard drive upgrade. What we are looking at now is a touch screen version that is said to be coming out next year sometime.

As well as getting a touch screen, the processor could be getting an upgrade too. Asus are just waiting for Intel to make available it’s dual core Atom processor. The price of this unit should run at about $300 which seems like next to nothing considering what you get.

Could all this mean that we see an Asus Tablet Eee PC? Hopefully so! Keep watching as it could be as early as Q1 next year.

Via: Wired


  1. Asus Tablet Eee PC… depends how much the hindge would be 😛

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