Wireless Powered Blender

ecoupled_blenderCables and wires are the most annoying things in the world. Well, they are for me. Every time I need to move something around at home it’s a matter of shifting and untangling the wires. The wireless powered blender attempts to change this problem by working with out a power cord. Lets hope every single electrical manufacturer adopt this technology!

The technology is licensed by Fulton Innovation and uses an eCoupled-enabled counter top to work.

Here’s how it works. Fulton, which is a subsidiary of Amway, splits a power supply coil into two parts, one of which is built into a surface (hence the eCoupled-enabled surface) and the other is incorporated into the device to power or charge.

A shared electromagnetic field is generated when the power supply and receiving coils are positioned near each other, wirelessly transferring power to or charging the device, says Fulton.

An eCoupled-enabled surface recognizes devices with similar embedded technology technology and power is transferred from the supply coil to the receiving coil in the device.

There’s also an element of intelligence as the surface and the device communicate to monitor and adapt the power to meet the needs of the device, says the company.

This technology is not new as we have seen mobile phones charged by placing them on a mat. Previously though, there have been limits of just a few watts which basically kicks out most electrical home devices such as TV’s and the like. Fulton have managed to bump this up to kilowatts which should power more then just a blender. But, it’s all still in trial stages and testing and has been that way for a while. But it seems like some progress is being made and I look forwards to seeing the progress continue.

Check out Wired for a video of the blender in action.

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