Bentley Laptop – Costs a Bomb

bentley-ego_msp1This Laptop is branded by Bentley and costs a tad more then your average laptop. At $19,800 you need to have a bit of cash in your bank to buy it. But what you do get is a laptop that fits very nicely with your expensive car.

The Bentley Laptop by Ego Lifestyle has a luxurious look as it’s made from quality leather and has a part chrome exterior. From my understanding it seems like it’s a limited edition and only 250 will be made.

Bentley Laptop Specs

The Bentley Laptop has an AMD 64 chipset, 2GB of RAM with a fairly large 160GB hard drive. I would imagine it has wi-fi built in. The screen measures 12.1 inches.

So, if you want one of these then head on over to Ego-Lifestyle. Looking at the Ego-Lifestyle you can view the laptop (get this… by appointment) at Harrods. Sheesh 🙂

Via: SlipperyBrick and GearCrave

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