Seagate Showcase DVR Storage Expander

seagateIf you are using a set top box to record from the TV like Sky+ or V+ in the UK then you probably see a message on your screen every couple of weeks telling you the 80 or so hours of storage space is almost full. To combat this problem Seagate have introduced their latest Showcase DVR Storage Expander. It now comes in capacities of 500GB and 1 Terabyte which allows for a lot more then the standard 80 hours of recording we are used to seeing.

By using a Seagate Showcase DVR storage extender you will now be able to record up to 200 hours of full HD or 1000 hours of regular standard definition TV. That’s a nice amount and well worth the upgrade should you want that larger capacity option rather then the hassle of deleting the old stuff. Inside the DVR storage extender you will fine a Pipeline HD hard drive which has been developed specifically for recording HD video, ie… it’s quicker then the average drive to cope with the large amounts of data being used.

As for compatibility of this product, it seems that Pace is the chosen brand. Pace is fairly common around the UK for set top boxes. If you have a different product then it would be worth checking a compatibility list or checking on forums to find out if you can use this DVR storage extender.

Via: PR News Wire

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