Asus P552w Glide Phone

asusp552w_androidAsus have revealed their first smartphone that will run the Glide OS. It is named the P552w if you want the technical name 🙂 The phone is packed with a number of nice features such as a 2.8 inch screen, GPS and is capable of high speed downloads through 3.5G networks.

The OS on the Asus Glide phone is integrated heavily with Google applications such as maps and search. By using the innovative glide interface (which I hope is smooth and does glide), you are able to access all of the phone features via touch screen. The processor powering the phone runs at 624MHz allowing it run a number of features quickly.

The glide interface on the Asus P552w works based on gestures. Actions such as sliding your finger left, right, tapping the screen etc… all help you to navigate through the PDA’s menus. Actions such as zooming, scrolling and flipping can also be performed.

On the connectivity side of things you have 3.5G which is capable of providing a data connection at 3.6Mbps if network conditions permit. If you are in a wi-fi zone then you can make use of 802.11b/g networks to allow access to the web. With a mixture of these features you should never be without a connection.

Although Google apps are installed on the Asus P552w this does not actually mean it will run Android although Asus do not make it 100% clear (unless Glide is an OS in it’s self, but at the moment it seems like it’s an application that runs on top of an OS).

Keep an eye out for this one as it looks like quite a cool little phone.

Via: GearCrave (Press Release)

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