Homemade Starship Enterprise

star-trek-star-ship-enterprise-modelOffice life can be a bit dull sometimes and I guess this is what inspired this little custom made project to be built. It’s a Starship Enterprise built out of pens, bulldog clips and a CD… cool.

Here is a list of what you need to build your own Enterprise.

Items Needed

3 medium size binder clips
1 large binder clip
1 sharpie pen
2 ink pens with colored end caps (or pencils). They need not be working.
3 CD’s (one preferably silver and unscratched).
Glue stick

Assembly is fairly straight forwards, but if you get stuck then head on over to Instructables for the full step by step details.

Via: Walyou


  1. Chris at LG says

    Marvellously geeky! If I had any spare time at my desk I’d definirely scavenge some spare stationery and give it a go.

  2. Gadget Living says

    Love this! I’m tempted to make sure I have all the items necessary so I can build my own.

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