Griffin Aircurve

griffin-aircurveThe Griffin Aircurve is an iPhone/iPod dock which has a simple and unique amplification system built in. GearDiary have been testing it out this past week to see how good it is and if it’s worth buying. The Griffin Aircurve does three things. First, it acts as a stand for your phone. Second it amplifies sound from your iPhone and third, it provides power to your device so it gets charged while docked.

The sound on the dock is supposed to be quite good. It about doubles the volume and from what I can see on the pictures it seems to route sound through the base and out of the front of the device. There are no features or controls to change the volume levels as it seems it’s just the routing of the sound that amplifies it a little.

The only downside of the dock seems to be that it takes two hands to attach the iPhone to it. Apart from that it looks like a very reasonable dock that is a simple solution for either an office desk or next to your bed.

For the full review, check out GearDiary.

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