LG Secret Review

lg-secretAbout a month ago I was sent an LG Secret to review. After a lot of playing around with numerous features I am now ready to let you know what I think.

The LG Secret (named the KF750) is a very sleek looking phone. By looking at the box you can certainly see it has class even before you get to use the thing. When looking at the actual phone you can tell it is built well. The screen has a tempered glass cover making it very strong and nice to use. After spending time being dropped (oops) and left in my pocket with keys you can see that it resists scratches very well. The battery cover on the back is made of Carbon Fibre adding yet another nice touch of style to the look of the phone. The LG Secret is a slider phone and when sliding the front of the device open you are presented with a numeric keypad which again, is extremely sleek looking. The whole phone just looks and feels great.

LG Secret Technical Features

The LG Secret has a bunch of cool things built in one of which is an accelerometer allowing a unique way to play the built in games. Take darts for example. All you do here is launch the phone forwards and if you get the speed and angle right you can hit a triple 20.

Below the screen you will find 4 touch sensitive direction keys which I must admit, took a few days to get used to. After getting to grips with those buttons they are actually very easy to use and provide feedback in the way of a vibration each time you slide a finger over them. This allows for you to use the intuitive interface that is built in to the phone.

On the back of the phone you will notice a 5 megapixel camera which actually takes some very nice photos given the size of the small lens it uses. A flash is also included which I found to sometimes be a little overpowering on pictures although you do have the ability to switch the flash off if needed. Also LG’s standard 120 frames per second for capturing slow motion video is included, and great fun to use I might add!

On the music side of things the usual MP3, WMA and other file formats can be used. The phone is capable of storing 100MB in the internal memory. Capacity of the phone can be increased by using a Micro SD card. Up to 4GB of memory is supported in the Micro SD slot.

LG Secret Conclusion

I have to admit that I am very impressed with the LG Secret and having used it for a few weeks now there isn’t much I can fault it with. The touch sensitive buttons sometimes seem to be a little sensitive and catch you off guard, but normally this is just fine.

If you are looking for a well built, well designed and fully feature packed phone that will last the length of the newer 18 or 24 month contract lengths then I think you will be pleased with this one.

The LG Secret can be purchased from various outlets in the UK such as Carphonewarehouse.


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