Nokia Concept OLED Laptop

nokia-oled-laptopAnother concept device from Nokia shows us what laptops could really look like in a few years time. This new design is built like a scroll with a flexible OLED screen. With it being OLED it provides a very bright and colourful image for the user making it great for watching movies.

nokia-oled-laptop1OLED also has a tendency to allow for a wide viewing angle as well as use low power and have a high contrast ratio making images superb. The laptop it’s self is voice activated and can be used to make Skype calls as well as providing other various cell phone features.

Looking over the images of the concept device it isn’t one I would expect any time soon as it would require a complete shift in what everyone is used to. In saying that though, look at how quick phones have moved on in just the past 10 years.

Via: Ounae


  1. I don’t think it will be a real laptop. It’s just a dream.

  2. Sames through at what a person said then that radio and flying is impossible

  3. this is as dumb as the iphone. photoshopped.

  4. Electronic Gadgets says

    This would be perfect for e-ink applications to have a newspaper transmitted to your device and watch it.

  5. Nokia Concept OLED Laptop

  6. nobrainerdeals says

    I cant wait to see more stuff like this come out. I never thought there would be a PC like the OQO that was only 7″ big and now there is one.

  7. I’m not sure whether it was Red Planet, or Mission to Mars, but one of them had a similar display idea. Pretty cool.

  8. So Great!!!!

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