DraganFlyer X6 Helicopter with GPS Wireless Video and More

dragonflyThe DraganFlyer is an RC helicopter that has pretty much everything built in. It is capable of flying both indoors and outdoors and can handle headwinds of 18MPH.

Under the Draganflyer is a mount which accepts various camera allowing you to take stills, wireless video or night vision depending on the camera that you attach. Should you want to see what the helicopter see’s then you can install some wireless video glasses which receive images of what the helicopter sees. If you want to record the exact flight pattern then you can use the built in GPS unit to keep track of everywhere you went with the helicopter.

dragonflyer-tx-in-handsThe RC unit (or Handheld Flight Controller) has a small 2.8″ OLED display built in which is used to display real-time flight data. The screen is also touchscreen.

Now the bad news… it will cost somewhere in the region of $15000 – $26000 which clearly indicates this is no toy for Christmas. Still cool though!

Via: GPSMagazine

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