New LG Plasma Screens Launched

pg7000A couple of weeks ago I attended the launch of three new LCD TV’s which LG were bringing to the market. Last week it was time for some Plasma screens to be launched. Although we didn’t make it to London to attend the meetup we still have the details to share with you.

The first screen is aimed at those who do not quite have the space for a plasma screen (given that they tend to be on the large side) but yet they still want the quality that plasma can give such as the rich blacks and great quality motion that LCD can sometimes be lacking behind on. The 32PG6000 is a 32 inch plasma screen which is also HD. The screen runs at 100Hz and it has a built in tuner making it very simple to install as all it needs is a signal for a picture. Freeview is also built in as standard. Although this screen is not full 1080p high definition, you probably would not notice the difference on a smaller screen this size so it is a great option for those wanting a smaller sized plasma.

The next in line is the PG6900 series which features a dual-tuner with freeview. What a dual tuner does is allow you to watch one channel while recording a second channel so that you never miss a program again. The built in digital video recorder has a 160GB capacity allowing for 86 hours of recording time at standard quality. Two versions in this range are available which measure 42″ and 50″.

Finally we have the mother of TV’s from the launch which is the PG7000 (pictured up top). This is a top of the range plasma screen from LG which comes in two screen sizes of 50″ or 60″. With this screen also being plasma you still benefit from those rich blacks and motion quality. USB and Bluetooth connectivity is included in this TV which makes a handy addition to the screen.

For more details on the Plasma Screens check out the LG site.


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