Dirt to power LEDs

dirt-electricityIt has been said that the way forwards is either being powered by the sun or powered by the wind. That might not be the case though with this new idea that has been put forward. The latest idea is to use dirt (house hold garden dirt) to create power from. The idea of being powered by dirt is not too new as it was mentioned a few months ago but it seems now that this idea will be put in to practice in places such as Africa.

Unfortunately, soil cannot create too much energy. About 1 cubic meter will generate enough power to run an LED for a few hours.

The ultimate goal back in May was to contribute to the mission to produce “low-cost green energy to 250 million people across Africa” in about 3 years time. The goal hasn’t changed, but since their winnings back in May, Leb´nª, now Leb´nª Solutions, Inc. has taken it to the next level. Recently the team completed a pilot study in Tanzania. Here residents where taught how to use basic microbial fuel cells. The residents took interest and the study went well.

The next study will begin in December in Namibia. Here Leb´nª Solutions, Inc. plans to use a new fuel cell design “with conventional high-efficiency LED lights”. Funded by the World Bank they will begin by creating one hundred fuel cells, but hope to make thousands.

Via: InventorSpot

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  1. 1 cubic meter for such little power doesn’t seem very much – but maybe with genetic engineering and the right nutrients in the soil they could make it more efficient? Perhaps also harness the heat the sun gives as well?

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