Hitch a Ride – Concept Idea

hitchI think I perhaps found one of the craziest concept ideas that I have ever come across. Hitch a ride is a concept device which involves a belt and three vacuum suction cups. What Hitch does is allows you to take a running jump, backwards, at a car, van or anything else that moves and firmly stick your self to it to “Hitch a Ride”.

I can’t say it’s one of the best ideas I have come across but it certainly falls in to a category or two of weird and funny at the same time.

For best results position yourself at traffic lights, railway stations or air hangers. Subtly wait for the opportune moment (which is precisely 7 seconds before the initial point of acceleration) and attach the product as firmly as possible to the host vehicle (a brief run up usually does the trick), paying attention to ground clearance for ones feet and enjoy the ride¦

Everything from this concept idea is probably available to buy off the shelves although I’d seriously recommend not trying it 🙂

Via: Yanko Design

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