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PSP Touch Screen

psp-touch-screenJube808, a PSP modder, has attached a touch screen to a Sony PSP allowing you to tap the screen rather then flick through letters on the keyboard with the D-pad. The screen works perfectly too as can be seen in the two video’s after the jump. [Read more…]

The Lego Brick PC

lego-pcLego bricks can be used for all sorts of things from building the Lego models themselves to building your own creations. Mr Anderson has decided that a PC case mod is now in order and created his PC case entirely out of black Lego bricks. [Read more…]

Pulse Rate Mouse from Asus

asus-pulse-rate-mouseAsus have created a mouse that measures your pulse rate. The pulse rate sensor is embedded under the plastic skin of the mouse and tracks exactly what’s going on in your body while you work. [Read more…]

Slide Rule Clock

slide-ruleA Slide Rule was a gadget used back in the 50’s if I remember correctly and was basically an old fashioned calculator which you slide the rulers around to work out complex equations. The Slide Rule clock is basically a modern version of the slide rule that is now used to tell the time. [Read more…]

Build your own Mesh Network

open-mesh-routerMesh networking is starting to come online and what you are looking at here is a router which allows you to build your own mesh network. The name of the device is Open-Mesh and allows you to do a number of things with it. [Read more…]

Cradle for Watching Movies and TV on your PSP

psp-tv-cradleThis new cradle for the PSP allows you to watch TV or movies while charging your PSP. The cradle includes a small remote control allowing you to change channel and flick between movies. Does anybody actually watch a PSP at anything more then arms length away though? I guess it does make it easier then flicking through menu’s, so we can let them off in this instance. [Read more…]

Mint V10 – Worlds Smallest Projector

worlds-smallest-projector-mint-v10Mint Wireless, based in Australia, have created a very nice projector named Mint V10. This tiny pocket sized projector is designed to work with your mobile phone, PDA or UMPC and allows you to have access to a larger pocket sized screen. [Read more…]

Updated Google Search Appliance

google-search-applianceGoogle released a few years ago a search appliance which allows businesses to use the Google search engine with in their own office environment. By letting the google appliance handle this, you get far quicker access to your documents or other documents around the network. [Read more…]

XTreme RC Hovercraft

axon-xtreme-rc-hovercraftThe XTreme RC Hovercraft is built by Axon Racing and after seeing images and a video of the thing… I want one!!! [Read more…]

Vizio VMM Monitor

vizio-vmm-monitorVizio have created and released a new monitor named the VMM Monitor. The screen is a 26 inch LCD which has dial HDMI inputs, DVI and VGA inputs, RCA audio inputs and built in 3W speakers. [Read more…]

Train Capsule Lets you Ride Alone

capsuleThis new concept named the “Capsule Train” gives each person their own bit of space for travelling. The train is has a couple of different types of capsules available with the space for individuals to travel, or groups of 4 on the larger capsules. The train is designed by Hamit Kanuni Kiralkan who is based in Melbourne, Australia. [Read more…]

Cyberclean Keyboard Cleaner – The Blob

cybercleanIf you have been using the same keyboard for a number of years then you will notice that a good number of keys are filthy. One option is to scrub away with a cloth which is what I do, or the new way is to buy a green blob called Cyber Clean. The green blob can clean keyboards, iPhones, laptops, printers and anything else electrical. [Read more…]