Train Capsule Lets you Ride Alone

capsuleThis new concept named the “Capsule Train” gives each person their own bit of space for travelling. The train is has a couple of different types of capsules available with the space for individuals to travel, or groups of 4 on the larger capsules. The train is designed by Hamit Kanuni Kiralkan who is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Capsule Train

This is not a concept I expect to see being created as it seems only carries around 10 – 20 people at the most per carriage, and would you want to sit there all alone for your journey? There are no technical details about the train as it’s just a concept design so we are unaware if this is designed for long or short journeys and at what speeds they expect this thing to travel. Check out the video below of the trains outsides.

Via: Technabob


  1. I agree with you matthew, the design looks great but just not practical enough to become reality. Unfortunately like most concepts and designs, only a small fraction comes to real life…

  2. I’m assuming the designer never heard of compartment coaches?

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