Build your own Mesh Network

open-mesh-routerMesh networking is starting to come online and what you are looking at here is a router which allows you to build your own mesh network. The name of the device is Open-Mesh and allows you to do a number of things with it. Some reasons for using a Mesh Network is so you can band together with a group of people and share a single internet connection. If you are in the middle of nowhere and there is just the one connection then you can set up a bunch of these mesh routers and connect everybody together essentially allowing for a larger area of coverage of a wi-fi network.

The Open-Mesh system is two wireless networks built in to one. You can run both a WPA encrypted network at the same time as running an open network.

One of the cool features about this system is that you have the ability to keep your eye on each users bandwidth usage. If you decide to go a route where you get a large pipe in to your office or home and provide services for a remote town, then you can keep track of usage and bill accordingly. Billing and authentication are coming soon to this router too so that you can also have people authenticate and “log in” to the service. Should you get a file sharer on the network hogging all the bandwidth then you just throttle their connection and restrict the amount of data that can be sent at any given time.

The system works with a router and then a bunch of repeaters which expand the signal coverage. If you have no signal in a part of town then you can build a chain of repeaters to expand the signal along. Costing just $49 it is not a bad price at all considering you could make considerable savings should you group together with a few neighbours on your broadband connection although I do recommend checking your TOS first at your provider as they may frown on this activity.

Product Page Via: GoPaulTech

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