Archives for August 2008

Plica Concept Phone

plica_phoneThe Plica is a new mobile phone concept which combines two screens which work as a touch keyboard and touch screen. When opened up, the screens touch in the middle allowing for a large working space to be used. The device also folds both ways so that you can close it up and have the screens on the insides for transport or have the screens on the outside so you can use it as a regular iPhone type phone. [Read more…]

Tiny Robot Camera you Swallow

tiny-robot-for-medical-applicationsResearchers have developed a tiny camera the size of a pill that can be used to examine your internal organs. To get it to work you simply swallow it and let the Dr’s explore around your innards. [Read more…]

Best Buy Launch a Vending Machine

best-buy-vending-machineBest Buy have launched their new vending machine that doesn’t hand out drinks and snacks. Instead you fill it with cash, or a card and you can purchase gadgets from it. [Read more…]

Insurance Gadget

teendriverA new type of gadget has been launched by a car insurance company which gives you (yes you) the ability to save up to 60% off your premium. [Read more…]