XTreme RC Hovercraft

axon-xtreme-rc-hovercraftThe XTreme RC Hovercraft is built by Axon Racing and after seeing images and a video of the thing… I want one!!!

The RC Hovercraft has no wheels and is lifted by air allowing it to race less then 1 inch above the ground. It can travel at speeds up to 45MPH (which is fast for a vehicle this size). To add to the cool effect of this little “anti-gravity racer” you will find white and blue lights attached to this thing allowing it to be used in the dark, although at 45MPH I would suggest running a tad slower then that to prevent too much damage when you slam in to a wall you didn’t see.

The anti gravity racer is due out in September, so keep checking out Axon racing and you can go ahead and pre-order yours for $274.95 right now by making payment through Paypal over on Axon’s site.


  1. Look at that thing go!!!

  2. It’s cool isn’t it ivan! I am tempted to get one my self when they are launched.

  3. Outdoor Gadgets says

    Nice little racer gadgets. Looks like you need to find the smoothest surface possible (duh) to get it up to speed. Tennis Courts or a wood basketball court would make these things fly.

  4. gobmoster says

    its nothing less than the coolest hovercraft ever made

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