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Apple Walkpod?

walkpodHave Apple created an iPod with a cassette player inside? Very unlikely 🙂 What you are looking at here is either a hacked up Apple iPod with the innards cut out to allow a cassette to be put inside or a rather cool photoshop experiment. There isn’t much information to be found about this little player, but from what I can find it seems to have originated from about 2 years ago. [Read more…]

TV-B-Gone gets an Upgrade

tv_b_gone_proYou might remember Gizmodo’s antics at this years CES a few months back where they turned off a ton of tellys with the TV-B-Gone that they carried around. Well, TV-B-Gone now has been upgraded. The device now has more emitters and more power which can beam a signal hundreds of feet. [Read more…]

Fisher Price DVD Player

fisher_price_dvdFisher Price toys have been around for years and have focussed on making big bright and almost indestructible toys for children to use. They are now moving with the time a little more by creating a Fisher Price DVD player with a built in LCD screen. [Read more…]

Sanyo 1080p LCD Projector

sanyo-lcd-projectorIf a High Def TV (HDTV) doesn’t give a large enough picture for your needs but you still want that HD experience then take a look at this Sanyo projector. The Sanyo PLV-Z700 is an LCD projector that can project a 1080p quality image on to a wall/screen. Full resolution is 1920 x 1080. [Read more…]

18k Gold Plated Mobile Phone Watch

18k-cell-phone-watchAlthough mobile phone watches have been available for a while, I have never actually had chance to use one yet. The slightly larger then normal watches have a SIM card slot in which you put your regular SIM and then you can make and take calls from your watch. [Read more…]

How to Board a Train while it’s Moving

train-conceptWhen a train travels, one of the biggest problems is that the train has to stop and start again at each and every stop. This causes problems in two ways. First off, the journey is slowed right down as the train stops for several minutes and then has to wind back up to full speed only having to stop again shortly after. The second problem is the energy used to get a train moving. It is more efficient to let a train run as long as possible with out stopping. An idea that has been invented (which is an amazing idea) is to allow passengers to board with the train moving at full speed. Dangerous? That would be a big YES if passengers were to use the regular doors as it could lead to a tad too many people being hurt. But this fancy new idea makes things look a lot safer while keeping energy usage as low as possible and keeping journey times faster. [Read more…]

PowerPlus Pirana – Wind Up Shaver

wind-up-shaverThe PowerPlus Piranha is a wind up shaver which means there is no risk of the batteries going dead. Actually, there is still a risk, but not a problem as it can be charged by hand crank. [Read more…]

MacBook Air to get an Update – Rumour

macbook_airRumours are floating around that mention Apple are preparing a new MacBook Air. This super slim and light MacBook will soon to sport a Penryn-class Core 2 Duo Processor which ranges from 2.26 GHz up to 3.06 GHz. [Read more…]

Camera designed for the Blind

touch_sightWhen I first read about a camera designed for the blind I was immediately interested as it just seemed like an odd few things to put together. However, after you read what this camera does you will be amazed at this little concept idea that could do very well. [Read more…]

Exposed Flip Clock

exposed-flip-clockA number of ways of telling time are available such as a sun dial, pendulum clock, digital clocks and watches. The latest clock to appear is the Exposed Flip Clock which looks extremely unique as it’s innards are exposed for all to see. [Read more…]

RC Mini Helicopter from Kyosho

minirc-helicopterKyosho have created their latest radio controlled toy which this time takes the form of a mini RC helicopter. The full name of the device is a Minium AD Caliber 120 Readyset and is set to go on sale in Japan in September. [Read more…]

USB Lock to Keep Files Safe

usb_lockIf you fear that encryption is not a good enough way to keep your files safe then a USB Lock could be just for you. [Read more…]