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Briefcase PA System

briefcase-pa-systemIf you often find you have a lot to say, but not a loud enough voice to capture peoples attention then this Briefcase PA System should be on your Christmas gift list. The briefcase includes a microphone, a 20 watt amplifier, two 4 inch speakers and a built in lectern. [Read more…]

Electronic Kids Piano

electronic-kids-pianoIf you want your children to start playing the piano early then you could check out this electronic kids piano. The kids piano is shaped like a grand piano, although obviously a lot smaller, and comes with a piano stool to sit on too. [Read more…]

New Range of LG LCD TVs Launched

slimline-scarletLast night I attended an event for LG where three new LCD TV’s were on show. The three TV’s included the LG4000 series, LG6100 series and LG7000 series. The showcase TV of the night was the slimline Scarlet (LG6100) as it claims to be the thinnest LCD TV in the world. I have to admit that all three of the TV’s on show had something great about them. [Read more…]

USB Email Notifier

usb-email-notifierAnother USB gadget popped up recently. This time it’s the turn of the USB Email Notifier to impress us all. The USB Email Notifier looks like he familiar envelope that you see when an email arrives in Outlook. The device attaches to your PC via a USB cable which provides the power and signal needed to illuminate the envelope in blue, red or green whenever a message arrives. [Read more…]

3D Printing Service from ShapeWays

shapeways_3d_printing3D printing is not new and has been around for a few years now. ShapeWays is a company that prints 3D objects for you and delivers them to your home, anywhere in the world, with in ten days. [Read more…]

Canon EOS 50D

canon-eos-50dRecently there have been pictures of a Canon EOS 50D camera being displayed on a few gadget sites. Some claimed they were fake, others believed they were real. Canon has now given an official announcement… and the EOS 50D is real. [Read more…]

Lego Brick Color Changer

lego-brick-color-changerImagine building a Lego set up and realising that you have 1 red brick left but actually need 1 blue brick. This concept idea explores the idea of using a brick color changer which allows you to attach the Lego brick, click a button and see the color change right before your eyes. [Read more…]

Portable Search Engine

portable-search-engineA concept device has been designed which has an aim of helping you find out where you are and what is in your local area. The device is named Seek and it is a portable search engine. The device attaches to your wrist and acts as a watch, mp3 player (video player?) and portable search engine. [Read more…]

USB V3 is Super Quick

usb-v3USB V3 (or USB 3.0 it is more commonly known as) is ridiculously fast. We first came across USB V3 several months ago and were in awe at the potential speeds that could be reached. The top theoretical speed is 4.8Gbit/s which is (in Spaceballs terms) Ludicrous Speed. Note: 4.8Gbps (Giga Bits Per Second) is the equivalent of 600 Megabytes per second. [Read more…]

Human Tracking Tag

human-tracking-tagAn injectable chip has been created which can track humans. The human tracking tag is the size of a rice kernel and gets injected inside a human by using a syringe. [Read more…]

Wii Steering Wheel from Logitech

wii-steering-wheelLogitech have launched a new steering wheel for the Nintendo Wii. It is named the Wii Steering Wheel (very creative, I know). The steering wheel provides force feedback for driving type games which is great. Also, with it being an actual steering wheel with a base to sit on the floor, it’s a lot easier to use then those imaginary steering wheels used with the regular wii remote. [Read more…]

Wireless Electricity to Charge your Gadgets

wireless-electricityThe ability to use wireless electricity to charge your gadgets could get many of you excited. Having this technology would mean you would never have to plug anything in again to a wall as the power would be supplied over the air. Wireless Electricity is not new, but past attempts see a lot of power that is lost through the air. Can Intel make a change to this? It seems like they are heading in the right direction. [Read more…]