The Lego Brick PC

lego-pcLego bricks can be used for all sorts of things from building the Lego models themselves to building your own creations. Mr Anderson has decided that a PC case mod is now in order and created his PC case entirely out of black Lego bricks.

Rather then just throwing the bricks together in a random order, shape and size, Mr Anderson opted to use MLCAD to specifically design the PC the correct way. The PC is built in a Mini-ITX form factor allowing for a low power PC to be installed inside. The PC inside runs a 1.5GHz VIA C7 processor and has a 250GB hard drive built by Seagate. Dual gigabit ports can be found on the JetWay motherboard which makes this PC quite a nice bit of kit.

Before moving on to the next web page, you have to check out the video below of the PC being built from scratch. It’s truly amazing 🙂

Via: TechChee


  1. Electronic Gadgets says

    Where’s the Lego Mouse and Keyboard?

  2. gadgets and gizmos says

    this video was so fast… indeed innovative cocept. you have done a good job in finding this new product for all of us… i am subscribing your rss feed.. would love to see more from you

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