Updated Google Search Appliance

google-search-applianceGoogle released a few years ago a search appliance which allows businesses to use the Google search engine with in their own office environment. By letting the google appliance handle this, you get far quicker access to your documents or other documents around the network.

The latest version of the appliance now stores up to 10 million documents on the Dell storage hardware that powers this thing. Other new features of the box include encryption to keep data more secure on the network as well as alerts which tell you when documents have been uploaded to the box. Up to 40 different languages can be used on this box making it extremely versatile with 27 languages being available to the administrators who will look after the box.

The cool thing about this appliance is that originally the same capacity took 5 times more space which now they have it in just a small two unit rack space.

Via: UberGizmo

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