Camera designed for the Blind

touch_sightWhen I first read about a camera designed for the blind I was immediately interested as it just seemed like an odd few things to put together. However, after you read what this camera does you will be amazed at this little concept idea that could do very well.

The camera takes a picture as normal, but rather then displaying the image on a screen or print, the camera makes use of a Braille system which can represent what the camera sees and allow you to “touch” the picture. So that the user does not loose sense of the surroundings the camera can also take a few second recording so that when you flick through the images afterwards the user can touch and hear things that have been recorded.

Features such as syncing with other Touch Sight owners will allow pictures to be passed around. This is one concept idea that isn’t crazy and one I am looking forwards to the release of.

Via: OhGizmo

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