TV-B-Gone gets an Upgrade

tv_b_gone_proYou might remember Gizmodo’s antics at this years CES a few months back where they turned off a ton of tellys with the TV-B-Gone that they carried around. Well, TV-B-Gone now has been upgraded. The device now has more emitters and more power which can beam a signal hundreds of feet.

The pro version has also received an upgrade as it can now easily switch of more then 90% of all TV’s. The quick succession feature also makes the device ready to switch off far quicker then the previous model meaning you can turn off TV after TV with out stopping.

It is easy to trigger whenever you desire with the touch-switch on its front. A very dim visible light (that only you can see) lets you know when the TV-B-Gone Pro SHP is transmitting. Like the TV-B-Gone keychain, TV-B-Gone Pro SHP has Instant Reactivation Feature so that you can turn off many TVs in quick succession.

Available from MakerShed the TV-B-Gone costs $49.95.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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