Exposed Flip Clock

exposed-flip-clockA number of ways of telling time are available such as a sun dial, pendulum clock, digital clocks and watches. The latest clock to appear is the Exposed Flip Clock which looks extremely unique as it’s innards are exposed for all to see.

The Flip Clock is just like any regular old fashioned flip click which has small plates that rotate against a bent metal finger and when the clock rotates to a certain point the next plate drops down to reveal the next minute or hour. With this clock you also get to see the insides though which includes seeing the gears and everything else that keeps the thing ticking.

The Exposed Flip Clock is available from ThinkGeek and costs $59.99.

Exposed Flip Clock Details

* Battery powered alarm “flip” style clock
* 24 hour alarm
* Remarkably precise
* Requires 2 “C” cell batteries (not included)
* 17.5cm x 6cm x 9cm

Via: I4U

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