Lego Brick Color Changer

lego-brick-color-changerImagine building a Lego set up and realising that you have 1 red brick left but actually need 1 blue brick. This concept idea explores the idea of using a brick color changer which allows you to attach the Lego brick, click a button and see the color change right before your eyes.

Will a Lego Brick Color Changer work?

The idea is just concept for now and I would expect that the brick color change would be quite pricey if they could find technology that could adjust in color. I actually love the idea though as it would be seriously handy to be able to switch colors at the push of a button.

Another idea by the creator (mac_fun), is that you could have color themes so that all your bricks match a particular style.

Lets hope someone picks up on this idea.

Source: Petitinvention


  1. website designs says

    Very clever concept!

  2. it’s not a concept if its made up bullshit…

    I know, i’ll paint a big box with the words ‘Time machine’ and tell everyone its just a concept. just leave it to others to fill in the boring technological bits, but I will still be the inventor…

  3. clever? impractical definately, clever hardly. Keep fishing tho, you might catch something worthwhile, this however, you should catch and release.

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