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Bluetooth Headset with Laser Pointer

bluepointerThe BluePointer is the first ever Bluetooth headset which features a built in Laser Pointer, an LED flash light and can connect to your PC to control powerpoint presentations. [Read more…]

EP1 Posture Pod

posturepodSitting at a desk hour after hour for the majority of the year has to be a bad thing for those who do not sit and work correctly. The PosturePod is a device which helps to get you in to the right posture while at your desk. [Read more…]

Origami V12 Engine

origami-v12-four-stroke-engineI’ve never been too good at origami and the most I have been able to somewhat make is a bird or a boat. This engine really does test the skills of it’s creator. A man in Montreal named Yee managed to make a V12 engine out of paper. It has a few parts inside to make it “go” like a resistor, motor, battery and a few wires, [Read more…]

Wi-Fi Detecting Trainers

wifi-trainersWiFi signal detectors are very handy devices which allow you to check on the Wi0fi signal status around you with out having to fire up the laptop. This saves time because wi-fi isn’t always available. WiFi detectors can be found on t-shirts, watches and on specific products to do just that. The latest is a pair of Wi-Fi detecting trainers (sneakers). [Read more…]

iPhone goes for Free on some Tariffs in UK

For those of you in the UK who thought you “might” be ripped off by UK prices being higher for the iPhone then things have turned out quite well for us lot. The new iPhone which has 3G capabilities will be free on certain tariffs on the O2 network in the UK. This is fabulous news as £270 for me for the original on an 18 month contract was just a big NO. [Read more…]

Self Replicating 3D Printer

self-replicating-3d-printer3D Printers are fascinating devices. The thought of being able to re print your mobile phone, should it break, is great! 3D printers basically use a wire frame computer model and then print it out as an actual plastic object. There are tons of other uses for 3D printers such as printing shoes, chair legs, car parts to name a few. Although they are unable to print metal and circuits just yet, no doubt it will happen soon. [Read more…]

Scary Alien Tables

alien-tablesImagine inviting a bunch of friends around one night for a meal, and then inviting them to sit around the Alien Table. How cool/weird or scary would that be? These scary looking tables are designed around the popular Alien(s) movies and are something that Ripley would be proud of. [Read more…]

Organic thin-film Solar Cell

organic-thin-film-solar-celThe Organic Thin-Film Solar Cell has been created by Mitsubishi and Tokki Corps. The solar cells are currently prototype at the moment, but are not that far away from being launched looking at the pictures. [Read more…]

WiFi Photo Frame with Facebook Support

frame-faceeStarling have made an 8 inch photo frame which has Facebook support. What that means is that you provide it with your facebook username and password and then when friends upload their pictures, they are automatically downloaded to the frame for you to see. [Read more…]

Kat Matrix G-Force Meter Review have sent us the Kat Matrix G-Force meter for review. This small palm sized gadget has a large LCD screen which displays large characters showing your acceleration, cornering, horsepower and G-Forces. Lets check it out as cars and G-Forces are certainly things that interest me. [Read more…]


ufo-hubThis USB hub was inspired by a UFO. It is USB 2.0 compliant and has 4 ports allowing you to connect up to 4 USB devices up together. [Read more…]

Mooi Clusterlamp – Tons of Variety

mooi-clusterlampHouses have tons of variation. The older type even more so. This new lamp from Mooi is named the Clusterlamp and it allows you to keep all the variety in one place. It accommodates for people who either cannot make their mind up about which light they want, or it caters for when there are more then 1 in the home and both cannot come to an agreement about which light to use. [Read more…]